Improved Yields

Dry matter increases of over 30% have been recorded in the Waikato after installing subsurface drainage.

Fertilizer Efficiency

Improve fertilizer efficiency and promote earlier growth due to warmer soils.

Paddock Management

Improved paddock management and pasture/crop utilization.

Improving Farm/Orchard Drainage

The keys to quality farm /orchard drainage improvements are to:

  • Plan ahead – we can assess the problems and provide recommendations with concept plans.
  • Budget ahead – we can provide an estimate of cost for forward planning.
  • Quality installation – providing advice and/or monitoring if required, followed by
  • Regular maintenance – to keep the improvements working

Many mineral soils will be suited to subsurface drainage concepts. Peat soils require a different approach where water level control is considered to avoid over-drainage issues.

Improving Farm/Orchard Drainage

Farm/Orchard Maintenance Reviews

Farm/Orchard Maintenance Reviews
A regular review of an installed drainage system is fundamental to ensuring that the system continues to return efficiencies to the farmer. We can assist with this review by providing an external opinion of the current state of the farm drainage system and any maintenance required.

We are able to offer a pre-purchase assessment to identify areas that have production limitations and suggest possible solutions prior to committing to purchase.

A property inspection will be completed which will identify main soil types, and wet areas. We will then be able to advise on any drainage concepts needed to improve the production capabilities of the areas identified.